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EST. 2013
did you do the noodle dance today?

did you do the noodle dance today?

Same Brain Tour: Part 1

Once upon a time there were two brains that danced the same. So similarly in fact, that a rainbow that rained cds formed between the two brains. What to do with all the CDs? Go out into the world (aka the east coast) and share the brains’ music with all ears interested in dancing under a rainbow.


And thus the Same Brain Tour was born. And it’s been an interesting few weeks. We kicked off with a performance in our home state! Shout out to the Batcave for being a home for DIY artists and cool music. Shared the stage with Chris Bernstorf and Cary Goldberg, both great wordsmiths with different world perspectives. It was rad being part of an environment that gives a platform for people to express their beliefs regardless of where they come from.

OUR CD DEBUT show was phenomnomnom. Possibly because it was on Beyonce’s birthday. Coincidence? I think not. We had friends from high school, friends from queering it up on the NYC scene, and new friends (obvi) including the Fairy Godbrothers. Thanks Bluestockings for being one-of-a-kind, helping to distribute otherwise overlooked literature and being a FREE space in the heart of NYC for struggling artists. Can’t wait to come back and see what new zines you got!

A snapshot of the show!

And we’re off to Connecticut. A mix of timing (we were competing with other poetry events), and miscommunication lead to a couple small turnout shows. But the people who showed loved the poetry. Our audience in Middleton looked mostly confused during XXXmas seXXX. Friends Lee and Hannah came (can’t wait to come and do Wesleyan in November), and their smiles carried Randy the Rainbow Reindeer and Rabbi Santa Clausentein through, kinda like a magical sled. ALSO Mama Judes, the original groupie, made an appearance!


What Em looks like upon spotting a Mama J

HELLO Providence, RI, where parking costs $25 LAME SAUCE. Oh well. At least we have Tatiana Cooke to cook us a delicious meal. Rhode Island reminded us of why we do this- connecting to the coolest humans. Met up with Bebe, that lady who saved our asses when we were in Telluride, CO with a borrowed two wheel drive vehicle and it started snowing. Plus Ben Chebot (that guy who makes all our Tshirts) stopped by. And Randy our opener was amazing! And a bit of a parking angel ;). Rejuvenated, we set off for Massachusetts.


Diner food=Jersey lady fuel

Attleboro… we had no idea what to expect. I (Cali) was the only one attending the event on facebook (which we should know by now is not indicative of the show-to-be). Our venue (and Attleboro home) Patterson Creations is something like a creative-art-gallery-performance-meeting-community-bar-space. It’s screams warm and welcoming. Partly because the owner/creator, Jermaine Patterson pours his soul into it (all while being a full time cop) and partly because the community comes out to support. We met so many great people, including Random Idea Apparel creator Joshua (who introduced us to the all too true saying, “I got 99 problems but a boss aint one”). Thanks Speed of Thought Players for making us laugh. Can’t wait to come back.


Can’t be an a modern day blog without a mandatory selfieeeee

In Jamaica Plain we met the most enthusiastic barista EVUR, Shelby, who counted for like 10 audience members alone. After saying farewell to a very tired Kelsey Greathouse (who had worked all day on a farm, interviewed at a school, and still made it to our show) we set off to Somerville, MA for our return show at Arts at the Armory.


Voltaire I like yo beard.

We had an amazing show, filled with people who had heard our show via word-of-mouth and Emily’s mass emailing of every professor in the women and gender’s studies at BU. And friends Kelly and Kelly came from their respective jobs across the state! For a minute we thought we were going to have to sleep in the boiler room (literally) which would have been fine but then we met Jess, who shared her home and iguana Voltaire with us after sharing beers with our Teaneck friend, Camille! Teaneck loooove.


Mainiac beauty ;)

Off to MAINEMAINEMAINE. Love you. If anyone is ever in Portland, ME GO TO VENA’S Fizz House. It’s a non-alcoholic bar and it’s the best. Drink health elixir while talking to the coolest bartender ever, Steve. We’re basically their house band (actually). Ben and Zac spit some beats and rhymes for us! Friends Becca and Ellen hitchhiked all the way down from Bar Harbor to hang out AND we brainstormed and realized that we should do a spur of the moment show at the College of the Atlantic which is in Acadia NP basically aka maybe the most beautiful place I’ve been to out east. Think Big Sur minus the Redwoods, plus pine trees.


Potlucks (and hikes) b4 Hotf*cks

Our COA show was our best yet. I think maybe 50 people came… which is literally almost 15% of the school’s entire population. And so many folks bought S^ swag. I felt so warm and fuzzy afterwards, I was basically a teddy bear. Sad to leave but we got to get a hike in (first time I’ve woken up before 10 AM since…??? #tourlife).


Thanks for letting us make you laugh!

Four hours of time travel later we were in New Hampshire. There are some great people in NH (looking at you Karri and Liam), and some phenomenal talent (check out Sam Rush, she’s pretty cool), but it might be a minute before we return. Not sure if the Live Free or Die state as a whole is ready for the XXXmas seXXX crew.


We stopped by Slam Free or Die to S^ and liiiiive. Photo cred: Chris Clauss


We stayed at a house where bunnies ruled! They had their own playroom.

But Vermont ISSSSSS. So the last time we were in Burlington we cut our show short because the only person in the room was our (wonderful) opener Rajnii Eddins. Not this time. After crashing a UVM Med School meet and greet hosted by college friends Tudor and Rachel (fun times), we made our way over to the Psychedelicatessen, which is exactly what is sounds like.  A nonprofit who serves up home-cooked food on a donation basis until three in the morning. Psychedelicatessen is a hippie haven. We spent the next day eating brunch at Radio Bean (LATKE EGGS BENEDICT), listening to live music, and jamming.

Finn, creator of the Psychedelicattessen makin’ magic


Only in Burlington do cats appear out of no where…


Unfortunately we had to pull ourselves away to get to Brattleboro. Shela, The Root Social Justice Center and the people involved are one-of-a-kind, made evident by the fact that our front row was a bunch of 12-year-old girls who seemed mostly fascinated by what was happening. The love in the room was palpable. Ten days straight of performing later and we had made it out in high spirits and with our voices.


In Brattleboro for less than 48 hours and already running into friends on the street :) Thank you Heidi and Mayor Mike for a fun, treat-filled afternoon!!!

Spent our first day off hiking with friends in Pisgah, enjoying nature and the last days of summer while our bad ass friends and fam marched for climate change. Emily and I are taking on Northampton next week. Stay tuned and Slam Up.

imageAlso don’t forget to watch BoJack Horseman. Even Maya knows, and she’s a cat.

Let’s Do This.

One year ago Emily casually facebook messaged me:

dude ok. so i just worked a week at je with anna and i feel so inspired and i was thinking… of driving across the country and going on a tour - doing music and stand up and whatnot. and i thought it could be great for you to do the same with your poetry but i also realize that your car will probably be in moab and idk if it would work but yeah my fantasy is: go southwest in the winter, drive up the west coast, then loop around and drive north and east during the spring. and we could busk, wwoof, camp, couchsurf, and bedcrash along the way. anyways…let me know what your thoughts are. i just think it’s now or never.

And I responded within the hour:

my internship ends the end of november. need to come home at least for a couple weeks in december. promised my parents.

other than that… let’s do this. maybe throw some biking in there…. eeeeeeek. holy shit. ima call you tomorrow for realz.

first facebook photographic evidence of our friendship


It started out as a tour (with 45+ shows/29 states+Canada+DC). We made it through despite a car breakdown, a handful of mental break downs, shows with audience counts of less than 3 people, snow in the Rockies, snow in the northeast, hundreds of hours in the car by ourselves (well technically Bob and Emilene were there too), and we STILL wanted to keep doing it. Performing. Sharing our stories.

I would say the friends we have made all across the country are a central part of why we are not going to stop slamming up. And the old friends we’ve been able to reconnect with! Thanks for fueling us.

Ruth want to come with us next time?

One year down and there’s no slowing down in sight.

Until we see you next time keep your eyes out for Same Brain to be released Sept. 4 y’all! East coast friends- check out our 30 CD tour dates up and down the coast starting next month! And don’t forget your garlic bombs. If you need some cheese just call me!


25 pounds of white cheddar glory



Cali & Emily’s Horse Adventure

It’s been a crazy month since Love Fest in the Midwest. There’s been a trip to DC for our favorite musical theater/spoken word scene La Ti Do, lots of preparation for the New York City Fringe Festival w/ our friend (who happens to be a stupendously talented drummer) Jarrett Walser, improv workshops, and work. and work. and work. Making money for our cd SAME BRAIN, which is going to be recorded MONDAY! Bob the Blob is about to be a pop star y’all.

But I digress. This is a tale of horse proportions. For those who don’t know, I (Cali) support my Slam Up habit by working at horse shows. My boss was desperate for another groom this week so she asked me if I knew of anyone who could work with only days notice.

Seeing as all my other friends are real people with real jobs, only one person came to mind. Emily Lowinger was going to pretend she was a horse girl. In the spirit of Slam Up, Emily was gonna fake it until she was a real live horse whisperer.

First she practiced her whispering on dogs:

imageCertainly getting along, but is she one with the animal?

imageThat’s better.

She was clearly ready for horses, so off we went. For those who don’t know, working horse shows is a strange job-combo of customer service/cowboy/animal groomer/hair stylist/ultimate shit-scooper-upper. Emily learned what a day in the life of being a horse obsessed person looked like real quick.

The Day in the Life of a Groom:

Wake up (around 6/6:30 AM), feed yourself, drive to show, feed horses, muck out stalls…

imageCAUGHT! Mac peed the bed again.

imageHorse can create a ton of poop in no time flat. Literally.

…groom horses, lunge horses (make them go in a circle overandoverandoveradoverandover again until they get the wiggles out), groom horses, tack horses, walk horse to ring, wait…

imageWhile waiting snag pics of awesome bystanders.

…walk horse home, groom horses, untack horses, clean out/up poop, feed horses, rack aisle, tack horses, bathe horses, untack horses, unbraid horses…

imageIt’s like cornrows. For horses.

imageThe ultimate hair extensions aka fake tails (they truly exist).

…feed horses. Leave (anywhere from 4:30-6:30). Get to hotel room. Lie down for 20 minutes, maybe send some Slam Up related emails (energy dependent), shower (energy dependent), eat, go back for night check, hay/water/medicine the horses (it’s 9 PM now). Pass. Out.

imageArchie knows all about exhaustion.

Maybe it was the sometimes nonstop work for hour-long stints with the horses, or the fact that we were with them for more than half the day some days, but Emily got real comfortable.

imagePeek-a-boo a la HORSE.

Some might say too comfortable?


She eventually settled down, and got herself a boyfriend, Archie (our new Slam Up hat model). His show name is Dark Night. He likes to cuddle. It’s a match made in heaven.

imageIf there was an inter-species prom, they’d be King and Queen.

Even I got some summer lovin’.


It was a hard week emotionally and definitely physically. But we made it out in one piece. And… we’ve decided to incorporate horses into our future restaurant/cafe/creative haven/farm/performance space/slam up head quarters/hostel, The G Spot.

But before all that, The Fringe NYC. DON’T FORGET TO BUY YOUR TICKETS at!

Peace/(horse) love,


P.S. Is this real?



After donning our epifanny packs and neon tanks, we hitched a ride to NYC with Mama Judes to get our flight for Omaha, Nebraska (state slogan: “the good life”)!

… too bad it was delayed an hour and a half. Lucky for us we had our instruments to play and reality checks to make. And a camera! What’s more entertaining than selfies? Animal selfies.

imageBoredom makes the crazies come out.

imageSorry, we got a secret paw shake.

imageHorse photo bomb!imageAlways wear a helmet.


Kitty kiss!imageThere’s a pooch in my pouch.

We meet another airport stranded human with a (epi)fanny pack! Naturally we give her a reality check and take a photo. They ARE coming back.

imageHappy faces.

We finally make it on the plane, and are waiting for take off when we find out that our flight needs more fuel? Because of a reroute? Which means a flight cancellation, apparently. Luckily, all is good because we got sister Omi and a free ride. Meet an Australian who helps us with Bianca and Leslie’s (aka Bi & Les, biker chicks from down-under) accent. Eat pizza at 1 am and pass out.

Make it to Omaha drama free in the mornin’. First stop, food and sun screen pick up! Find Kenny, Hannah, Matty > fellow festies! Kenny aka Gken-E is opening Love Fest with his heartBEATS.

Score a golf cart ride with the one and only Peter. image

 Let’s get trashy.

Make camp! And then go to find babe palace.


Home sweet home.image

Sighting: Three babes.

Some animals made their way to Love Fest in the Midwest too.

imageTry me.

Spent Friday morning practicing our set for new friends Bryan and Star. Our show was SOMUCHFUN. Friends Betsey and Lillian came from Iowa City to support, the Babes and Joel were there, and many more familiar and unfamiliar faces. Reality Checks were served. XXXmas came early with Randy the Rainbow Reindeer and Santa Clausenstein.


Soon we’ll have enough for a Slam Up quilt.

Spent the rest of Love Fest listening to music, dancing, laughing, singing, slamming (up), and sharing stories/hugs/experiences. Nahko and the Medicine people ended the weekend with an amazing set, beating the storm that had been threatening all day.

Love Fest was one huge dose of some midwestern hospitality. And a reminder of why we keep sharing our stories. Thank you to all the friends, old and new, who made our first music festival as Slam Up remarkable.

See you next year Nebraska!



Potlucks b4 Hotfu*ks tanks coming to a city near you soon!

Goodbye The Slam Up Tour, Hello Slam Up.

Stay tuned for Slam Up @ Lovefest in the Midwest in June, and the NYC Fringe! in August!

There will be appearances from our new friends:


The Rainbow Reindeer and Jewish Santa. XXXmas just got seXXXy.


Lone Ranger and Henry (his guitar): a picture is worth a thousand words.

imagePaul and Kamala. Well, they won’t technically be in the show, but this picture is awesome.

Until next tour don’t forget your garlic bombs, and to always love whole, love true, love all ways, but always slam up.


Cali & Emily aka Slam Up

Midwest is STILL the best

But really, it doesn’t seem to end! Set sail for Indianapolis, Indiana for a show at the General Public Collective, which is a sweet art/clothing/book/performance space founded by some cool folks. We forget that there is a time change BUT apparently our show is an hour later than we initially thought anyway.. so it all works out!


Jesus, Denny’s, and box buildings.

Have a wonderful show for the General Public Collective crowd. Our inner-wizards, Paisley and Robert, made their debut. There were even some very awesome minors in the crowd - gotta teach the kids about herpes! After our show, had a performance by the badass ladies of HEN.


This is from Chicago, but is too good not to be in the blog.

Stayed with Lisa of Hen, and her cat Debbie. Spend all of the next day trying to get through PR. Blergh. So close to being done forever until next tour.


Debbie Da Cat

After an R&R evening of reading (we forgot what that was), we head east (once again) to Columbus, and our good friend Denis. Sommer Sterud made us laugh, and then Slam Up did an intimate performance for friends.

The next day was a (P)Repeat of our work day in Indy. Have a drink with our new B&B friend connection Kamal and James. Pass. Out.



HOMEWARD bound. Kinda. Have a show in Rochester. Friends Jenna and Eric come out! And a few people who found us in the paper! The staff at the Park Ave. Boulder Coffee Co. location are wonderful! Could see them dancing all the way in the back. Spend the evening and morning being welcomed by the Wagner family (thanks, sweet baby Ray!), before taking the short drive to Syracuse for some Funk n’ Waffles.


We didn’t start the fire!

But first chili and cornbread with the Dunns. Thanks Pat for hooking that up! We all make our way to the venue to see Mark Bowers do his thing! Another wonderfully intimate show with friends.

Sunday Brunchday with the Dunns. Nothing like a homemade omelet: we need fuel for sitting in the car haha. Make it to Schenectady and hangout at the New Orleans Café. It does not feel like New Orleans at all. Do a few numbers for the Moon & River’s open mic and then hang out with our new friends Amy and Mike of Shift the Paradigm.


We don’t know how to smile. :)

Spend Monday watching Rio 2 (the only movies we have seen on this tour have been Rio, Rio 2, and Liquid Sky, and I would like to keep it that way), eating candy, and doing taxes (kind of). Friends Rose and Helen from couch surfing show up, and Bridget Dunn! Again! Friend groupie status! So obviously it was a wonderful show. New York State has treated us well. See you REALLY soon, New York, aka APRIL 27th IN MANHATTAN, buy your tickets HERE friends!


Thank you Rose for hangin with us & showing us the best Moroccan food!


Cali+Emily=Slam Up

Let’s Get Groovy!

Iowa City: Thanks to Claire Core, ambassador of Iowa, Slam Up shacked up at River City Housing Collective. What a dreamy place. Literally, we got there and passed out.

BUT only to disco-nap before our family dinner performance of FriendShips. After grabbing some communal grub, we spend the evening munching, crunching, and discussing with our new human and cat friends Lillian, Jennifer, Betsey, Guido (an italian car salesman, bear and tons of amazing co-opers. 


Meet: “The Nutcracker” pistachio-ed pizza. For ladies only.

We slept in the “Raccoon Room”. Supposedly a raccoon lived there once. But now it just makes you feel like a pirate in a cabin of an old ship. YARR!!! The next day we walked the town, ate pizza (not Victor’s status, but still great! There were PISTACHIOS on it.), checked out an old tobacco shop/coffee place (shutting down soon), and got some work done before our show at FairGrounds. 


Ahoy thar!


When you can’t find a parrot, get a dragon.


)ur attempts at “putting a bird on it”.

What an amazing place, made more amazing by our gracious host, Lisa. Audrey Smith and Kassia Kisinski warmed up the crowd with their luscious words before we took the stage for one of our most fun shows yet! Iowa City showed UP.

To top off the good vibes, we found a BENJAMIN in our tip jar. First time that’s happened! We spent our last night chilling with Betsey and Guido (Bear was shy), listening to cool jams and eating chocochip waffles made by Lillian. The next morning we left for Chicago with our pal Lillian riding in the back! Slam Up THREESOME! JK! We jammed out to Jurassic 5 and had deep discussions and chill silence all the way to the Sears building..which is ugly?


We picked up two new passengers!

Chicago: Jerry is quite possibly the chillest young man alive. Nothing like coming home to a feast of hummus, french bread, and catch up convo. Got to meet the many sides of Murphy, a pooch with some split personalities. 


How i feel about vegetarian Reubens!

The next day we all went to lunch at the Chicago Diner and got half-priced vegetarian Reuben’s! AND free cupcakes. Just because it was their anniversary! Walked it off in Millennium Park, and posing in the Bean. Lake Michigan? Are you sure? Where’s the other side? They be low-ballin! 


imageWhere you going?

imageWhich way is (slam) up?


This kinda looks like a shiny butt…

Sam from Madison came!!! New friend reunion! We performed in Evanston at Kafein Cafe where there was a little Journey’s End reunion. Thank you for coming, Timji and Gina! Jerry and his roommates came too. And Lillian and Jennifer came through! There were a bunch of patrons there who didn’t know Slam Up was about to go down, but people be feelin’ it! Noticed that our logo was the background of a stranger’s desktop. Somewhat strange, but cool! 

imageObama’s motorcade! all I saw was a gun in a window.

We spent the last day of Chitown checking out the free photography museum, eating Chicago styled pizza (which apparently you need a fork and knife for. lamesauce.), and seeing a show at Second City! Funny, but made us want to do our improv. Spent our last night at Timji’s cool hippie house co-op, Stone Soup.


We ready to laugh!

Got all ready to make our way to STL only to realize that I locked we were locked out of the car. Solution: a jam session with Jerry while waiting for AAA to come unlock our car. It is disconcerting how easy it is to break into your own car.


Impromptu jam sess with the boys!


St. Louis: CAN I GET AN AAA…RCH! Cali got to return to her soul-sista-land. Go straight to the Emergency Response Office to meet up with old friends Dee, Sarah, and Clare. Shower and make our way to Legacy Books, Cali’s adopted poetry-home. So many great poems spit, including one by the lovely SistaSols. Thank you UrbSlam for making Slam Up feel at home. Found an old-new friend Betsey from Iowa City there!


Strolling through Soulard on a spring mornin’

Made our way back to Deesle’s to pass out. Saturday was a blur of breakfast feastin’, coffee shoppin’, friend reunions’ (ERT YR 19 WUTWUT), bein ethiopian foodies, failed tattoo attemptin, and crawling around the one and only City Museum with every other 9 year old in St. Louis. All in all it was a wonderful spring day… that culminated in a show filled with ERT friends, Venus Envy friends, Poetry friends, and travel friend :) Thank you Poetic Slang for sharing the stage with us. 


Checkin’ out the Soulard’s Farmers Market not for food…


…nah, we lookin’ for (^) incense.

Lesson learned: can count on STL to dance. Both during our show and after. Made our way to own the dance floor at The Handle Bar. 

Good Morning! IT’s time for DRAG Queen GOSPEL folks. A coupe Bloody Mary’s and several mimosa’s later we are ready for a post brunch nap.

Say farewell to Betsey, and spend the evening relaxing, enjoying one of the first warm evenings in the city.


Crazy ladies from Texass!

Farewell STL. We will see you sooner than you think ;)

Love S^,

P.S. SLAM UP IS GOIN to LOVEFEST folks. Get pumped.


After a month of no car, sprints across the county, and a week chillun’ like villuns in Austin, we were a little nervous about hitting the road full force with four shows in five days. Little did we know, the coolest cats live in the heart of the the U.S., and we were about to drive through it!

Tulsa: Once again, we were drivin’ and didn’t know where we where gonna stay. Seem to be makin’ that a habit. Luckily, our gal Gabby from Eugene hooked us up with Santosh, who gives awesome bear hugs. Tulsa’s own Allison McClaughry opened for our show at The Phoenix! Tulsa is AWESOME, and The Phoenix has REAL bagels! The jews in us were ecstatic. After eating some delicious local fare, we went out to the Yellow Brick Road (the local queer bar) with new friends Sam and Sarah. Shot some pool and danced to some throwbacks. BAM: Tulsa in 12 hours. Next time we will actually see you in daylight!


They liked us so much they gave us thumbs up!

Omaha: OMG WHY IS EVERYONE SO NICE HERE. Meet Amanda, our host, who is also responsible for bringing literally our entire crowd (other than our wonderful openers, Chantilly Mace) to the show! Omahans know how to laugh! And we loved makin’ them. Thank you so much to Dylan and everyone at Backline Improv Theater for hosting us. Can’t wait to come back! Spent the evening hanging out with all our new friends. It was difficult leavin’ them but we got to get to…


Joplin the dogcat (she wags her tail) is confused. What is this new animal in her space? Meanwhile the horse just wants some chips from Mexico.

Minneapolis! The. DeVoes. BEST FAMILY EVER. Get in at 10 PM and they have dinner waiting for us. Spend the next day having a Mom date with Natasha. Fresh tea and Italian pastries. Make our way over to the Subterranean Café artist collective. Smell curry being made=tonight’s gonna be SPICY. Sign #4538 that it’s gonna be a phenomenal show: audience members know every word to None of Your Business by SnP.


Would you like a cherry with that spoon?

In all seriousness thank you to Sarina for hooking us up Davin and Trevor and the Sub Crew. Such a warm space. Got to break out Sharon and Karen (of the Sharing and Caring Show on your local tv network ;) ) for the first time. AND HAD A PIZZA BITCH encore. Thank for you ears! But the show must go on to…



Madison: But FIRST a 20 minute stop in Des Moines, Iowa to see Cody ERT style in a parking lot off of the highway. THROWBACK.

Make it to Madison, and met Jon, the father of Mother Fool’s café home of vegan goods and good musicaaaa. Have an intimate show and drag our tired selves to Jackie and Zac’s house. A friend of a friend with an open bed.


Tis the season of garlic sprouting. Can.Not.Wait.

Wake up and treat ourselves to some Bloody Mary’s. Work away at the comp before a dope sunset photo shoot on the lakes with Jon! Cook beets and lentils to fuel our dancin’ at Plan B. Catch a Drag Queen show. WHY ARE THEY SO FABULOUZ. Gah. Also, why is everyone wearing Tshirts. It’s FIVE DEGRESS. Okay maybe more like 50, but still.  Wisconsinites- you’re giving me second-hand-cold-syndrome!

After a night of shakin’ our butts on the dance floor we have a lovely meal with Jon and head back west to Iowa City. Can’t wait to chill with some dope folks at the local Co-Op, Bloom County! Until next time!

springtime is here=time to slam up

Week 7: Denver to Austin, AKA from one hippietown to the next

Apparently Slam Up is Slam SCRUB status when it comes to blogging. Sorry Slam fans. We got a new tour “van”, and shit kinda hit the fan. In a GREAT way.

Good bye Claire and Danger Truck and Moab! Until next tour.

So Mama Judes done picked us up sketch style from a gas stop and it was a smooth drive to Denvertown. After all that driving we were HANGRY, solution: Ruby Tuesdays.

Now we know. Never to eat at Ruby Tuesday’s again.

NEVER AGAIN. Don’t do it folks. Our stomachs are still scarred. We made up for it the next day though, at the wonderful Mercury Café. Good ole’ locally sourced cuisine. And they got Kombucha on tap! Had a phenomenal show with the lovely Shanna Hoar. A four year old walked in during “Herpes”. Nothing like a jumpstart on Sex Ed folks!

Singin’ about Pirates ‘n shit. Also Emily’s a cat.

Spent the next day with old college and ERT friends Will, Matt, Shanna, Mark, Kristin and Spencer. Bloody Mary’s and BIZCUT fuel at the Denver Biscuit Factory before hiking in the beautiful Chautauqua Park in Boulder. Stunning view of the Denver area (although there was some crazy damage left over from the floods in the fall). Made our way to Innisfree to chill and get ready for our show.

Selfies on mountains!

Unfortunately, we were competing with the Slam Finals for UC Boulder’s CUPSI team. OOPS. Next time, Boulder! Had a small crowd, but they were diggin’ what we were putting down. Was a little worried that we were gonna break the stage when we be bustin’ moves, but all went well. Phillip DaJar got asked if he was a Jarhead by a veteran. Sadly, they don’t let actual jars into the Marines.

Had a chill night with Kristin before setting sail for AUSTIN TEXASS BABY. No one wants to drive 14 hours in one day though, so we couch surfed for the first time all tour with the lovely AVA. Her name is a palindrome and she’s awesome forward/backward/inside/out/ALL around. Seriously. What other brand new friend have you met that bakes for you and cooks you a hot meal? Spent the evening learning about her travels around the world and hangin’ with her wolfishly playful dogs Havoc and Makai.

Gettin’ some puppy wolfdog love!

AUSTIN!!! Make it to Kick Butt Coffee with time to spare. Got served Iced Chai by our new friend Mel! After an afternoon of catch-up have REUNIONZ. The Lowingers and Mama Judes and Paul all flew out to see our show (again). Vanilla Presley set the mood with hilarious raps. Spent the night living it up hotel style. SLAM SPLIT.

So legit! Our first real poster-sized poster. Also how can we compete with the lady on the left?

Spend the next couple days with the fams sight-seeing and eating (bats on bridges! texmex! capital buildings! tex mex! congress st.! tex mex!) and getting prepped for the Women of the World Poetry Slam. Thank you again to everyone who voted and shared; sharing the stage with some of the best poets in the game was life changing!

Spider House Café is a great little maze in the world of awesome drinks/coffee/music and poetry. We lived there for three days! Was a mere walk from our friend Lauren’s apartment. Felt like a vacation. Not sure how I placed in the competition (couldn’t tell you my scores). BUT I bet you Em can (she=the BEST SCOREKEEPER ever, and fan). I was super inspired by all the BADASS ladies that owned the mic. Got to spend Saturday watching the finals. Nothing like a theater filled with poetry lovers. Was one of the most emotional entertainment experiences of my life. Thank you thank you thank you. Again.

WHEN IN TEXAS eat a Texas shaped waffle.

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. Sunday we spent relaxing with Lauren before our Midwest sprint of shows. Nothing like home cooked meals and good people. Got to see Castle Hill! Austin’s industrial ruins made graffiti park aka hangout for the offbeats aka us. Thanks for showing us the important parts, Mel and Lauren! We’ll be back to the best part of Texas sooner rather than later! MIDWEST HERE WE COME!

It’s about to be winter again…